DhobiLite Franchise.

A unique Laundry and Dry Cleaning Franchise opportunity. Low investment business.

Love it or hate it but, you have to wash it... every person has to live with this reality in life. Laundry and Drycleaning is one of the most common business across the world but, it is also one of the most challenging business to run.

In India, till date, most of the laundry is done either in the household or by local dhobis. Organized Laundry penetration is still very less in India and it is limited largely to metro cities. As there is a huge scope many entrepreneurs start a laundry but, unfortunately, most of them have to shut down early and remaining are facing a daunting task of making the business profitable.

DhobiLite, the pioneer of Online Laundry business in India and is now inviting business partners for Franchising.

Some Benefits of a DhobiLite Franchise are as follows:

1) Been there and done that:
We have the 7-year experience of starting laundry business, scaling it and making it profitable. So we know all about Laundry.

2) High Profitability:
DhobiLite has a high focus on unit economics. Our unique understanding of the Laundry business yields higher profitability without any compromise on quality and service.

3) Organic Growth:
DhobiLite invests minimal on marketing, we believe in customer retention and organic growth.Our acquisition cost is low and that helps us to generate higher margins.

4) Access to Existing Customer base:
Being a Franchisee enables immediate Online reach to DhobiLite’s existing customer base and leverage to our referral program.

5) Investment for every pocket size:
We have done a feasibility analysis on investments ranging from 3 lakh to 50 lakh, so depending upon the investment we have a tailor-made plan for a Franchisee.

6) Research and Development:
Nothing is constant in this world and in order to be ahead of the competition we are constantly upgrading our solution and fine-tuning our processes so that we are more effective in serving our customers better. Being a franchise gives you an access to all that is happening in the R&D lab so that you are always a step ahead of others.

So if you are thinking of venturing into a laundry business. Do not just blindly step into the unknown. Join "Team DhobiLite" and grow with us.

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