Laundry and Dry-cleaning Tips

Washing clothes is a hard job especially if our not familiar in doing it. To help you out on this little dilemma the following are my tips for effective washing your clothes.

Tip 1: Never mix white cloths with colored clothes. Colored clothes even though you had them for a few years tend to get their colors wash out during washing. By including your whites with your colored clothes, you are risking turning your whites into a fusion of color. Talk about instant tie dye.

Tip 2: When washing tough stains try soaking your clothes in soap and water for a few minutes or if you have time soak them overnight. The soap and water will help soften the stain making it easier to remove.

Tip 3: Separate Denims/Jeans from other clothes. Denim is a very tough material with very tough dyes. Even though you had your jeans for years it will always turn the water in the washer blue. Try to collect all the denim clothes and wash them at the same time. It would be a lot easier and you will be assured that your other clothes would not have the same color of your denim.

Tip 4: Never leave your Denim pant or Jeans soaking in soapy water. The soap has a tendency of fading out the color of your denim or jeans. Trust me it does happen.

Tip 5: Just like denim don't soak your whites in bleach overnight either. Instead of making your whites look cleaner, bleach will give your clothes a yellowish white colour.

Tip 6: Don't wash your brassiere with your other clothes. Separate them and wash them by hand. Washing your brassiere in the washer will actually cause fold or deformation. If you really want to wash your brassiere in the washer then place them in a special washable container this will help your brassiere keep its shade while it is being washed. You can usually find something like that online. Also, if your brassiere is the type that you can remove the foam inside then please removes them before washing. By removing and washing them, separately will actually help them keep its shape.

Tip 7: Wash your undies and other unmentionables together (except your brassiere). This is small items that would usually get tangled up the washer with your other clothes. To prevent that, compile them up and wash them at the same time.

Tip 8: In case you have clothes that can't be washed in the washer and it needs to be dry cleaned please remember to inform the Dry cleaners any liquid or food that has accidentally been spilled into your clothes. Food items especially those that contain sugar or starch can have a chemical reaction with your clothes which will actually get you a big stain that would be impossible to remove. Adhering to these tips can significantly improve the health and life of your clothes.

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