Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Indirapuram get professional and affordable laundry

In this highly-competitive world running business is a tough job, where new competitors are popping up now and then.

Under such circumstances, the need of the hour to have an innovative idea or service to offer, if you want your business to succeed . One such unique concept, related to the western style of community washing machines came to our mind (with some alterations).

The concept of laundry at your door step was not evident back in 2011 when we launched the service and launched laundry on KG basis which was definitely not evident at all.

We The Noida-based Laundry and Drycleaning service "DhobiLite" have now completed successful tenure of 6 years and now serve Gurgaon, Noida, Greater Noida, Indirapuram, South Delhi, East Delhi Vaishali, Kaushambi. Here you can get your laundry and Drycleaning at the ease of a phone call or few clicks on . One of the highlight for our services is that your clothes can be laundered in less than 24 hrs (yeah! even during monsoons and winter season) a minimum order of Rs 300/- is all you need to place the order.

Apart from this, we help institutes to setup their laundry and also offer the facility to setup and run laundry for them on commission basis. One such setup is running successfully in a 600 student hostel since last 3 years.

However now in 2017 we have seen that some laundries provides wash facility (laundromats) at the outlet for the customers where customers have to walk in to the outlet. Not only that, many housing societies have Laundromats within premises itself, but the *point* is that customer looses his time and hence is less popular in India

Laundry sector is very unorganized and being ruled by road side "dhobiwalas". We have seen people using sanitizers and disinfectants while doing laundry and then send their clothes for pressing at these places. You can make out the point I am trying to put, its not at all hygiene to get press at those "centers"

Currently we are offering our services at rates as low as Rs 84/- per kg (prepaid plans), so for regular clothes it costs around Rs 12/- per cloth

So, its really cheap, A simple calculation tells that for each cloth on an average you spent:

  1. Rs 5.5 on detergent and electricity
  2. Rs 8 on washing machine (principle amount and maintenance) / maid
  3. Rs 3 on pressing (without custom packaging)
  4. Rs XYZ of your time (you will have a better idea)
  5. More water

This sums upto Rs 16.5/- + your precious time – no packaging + more water.

Now you are better judge :)

A good laundry should be fully sanitized and have good machines and resources with good quality chemicals and this is what we are doing that shows up on our quality.

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