Organize Your Laundry for an Efficient Wash

One of the most common challenges you are going face while running a household is the organization of laundry. The magnitude of the problem will be directly proportional to the number of clothes you have to wash. Therefore, you need to create a proper system in order to get the clothes cleaned quickly and properly. You can save yourself a lot of effort, money and, of course, time thorough the implementation of an organized laundry system.


While you may find agencies offering affordable laundry prices, you will still benefit through your own laundry system in the long run.


Organize the Clothes

A proper organization of the clothes is the first step to making the overall laundry system efficient. You can start by designating a space as the dedicated changing room or space where members of your family can store their used and dirty clothes for laundry. Ease your work by creating separate storage areas for each kind of clothes. For example, you can place separate baskets for white, black and colored clothes. You can add another basket where silk or woolen items can be kept. A separate hamper can be placed for exceptionally dirty or muddied items.


Dedicate a Day to Laundry

Dedicate a couple of days each week exclusively to taking care of the laundry. The frequency of the laundry day will be dependent on the volume of items that gather up in a day. If you have a large household, you can find a lot of laundry piled up within a few days.


Of course, you must ensure that the schedule is flexible as there may be certain unexpected days when a lot of laundry has to be processed immediately. You should make sure that you complete the laundry on the designated day. Of course, your work will be made easier as the laundry will have already been sorted into the appropriate baskets.


Organize the Laundry Room

Your laundry room has to be organized in such a way that it streamlines the flow of clothes in and out. You should optimize the usage of space in the laundry room as the area inside is rarely large enough. You can add shelves to keep the necessary items such as detergents organized. You can use a laundry sorter to separate the clothes into appropriate piles during the washing process. Keep clean baskets at hand so that you can easily fold and store the clothes nicely. If you are using a dryer, you should always clean the screen afterwards to remove lint as a safety precaution.


Hiring a Laundry Service

In spite of your best efforts, you may find a huge pile of laundry waiting for you on certain days. If you feel overwhelmed, you can always contact an agency to take care of it. Check their laundry prices beforehand to ensure that you get the best deal. The laundry prices may be more if you are opting for pick up and drop facilities.


Since it is not possible to ignore laundry, it will be better if you streamline the process so that you can put in the minimum of effort.

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