Water Quality - Issues and Remedies

Even when you get the best materials and the best machine to wash your clothes, there could be scenarios when you still are left with poor quality results. This problem could occur without any anticipation or when you change your locality or residence. In most such cases, the determining factor of the quality of laundry results depends greatly on the quality of water. Washing with hard water can fill up the pores of your fabric with mineral deposits. The mineral deposits on your clothes cause the bright and colorful clothes to become dull, and your whites turn dingy. Rusty water can be more affecting as it wears down the clothes easily and makes them look utterly dull and thick, often leaving a weird smell too.

Here are the possible laundry problems caused by hard water:

- Clothes greys or yellows easily.

- Fabric turns stiff and thicker than before.

- Colored clothes spotted with white and grey streaks.

If your problem is caused by hard water, then you must be aware of why does it happen after all? The poor laundry results are caused due to the fact that hard water contains dissolved compounds of calcium and magnesium, and these two minerals are antagonistic towards detergent particles. So, when you dissolve detergent in hard water, the calcium and magnesium weaken the power of the cleaning agents present in detergent, thus even after a proper wash, the clothes don't look clean and bright.

Now, when it comes to rusty water, we must know that rusty water is high in iron. It leads to yellow, red, and brown stains and spots on clothes. Yellowing of white clothes, especially when chlorine bleach is used, and can cause clogged steam iron vents and sputtering rusty water stains after ironing.

Although hard water and rusty water can lead to many problems, In DhobiLite, we have solutions for that. During the sorting process, we make sure that every clothes which have a stain on it, must be processed separately.

For rust stains on the white and colorfast fabrics, we use commercial rust remover. We have also added an extra rinse cycle so that we can be sure that the stains have been removed entirely.

In DhobiLite, we have chosen an eco-friendly method too in order to remove rust stains. We use sprinkle salt and lemon juice to get rid of the stain in a natural and effective way.

We have also observed that using fabric softeners could accelerate the stain removal process. Removal of stains and spots becomes easy when the hardness is removed, even with minimum detergent use and low water temperature.

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