Why did we take up LAUNDRY !!

Yes, people have been asking us the same old question, time and again! Why a Laundry business?? Why leave the beaten path of a safe & secure software job, a house and a car to be a Dhobi?? When so many have followed the same route and succeeded, then all of them can't be wrong, right?? Of course when you're an *IITian*, things doesn't help! For the common multitude, it has always been the same old, routine track.... Finish your engineering degree, land up with a decent job in any software company, get transferred to the US within the next five years and spend the rest of your life coding and programming. And that is what they call a safe and secure life. But hell, who wants a safe (read boring) life??

We are two friends. In case you're wondering how long we have known each other... well it's been long! Our friendship goes back to the good, old college days where, other than being classmates and binge buddies, we have also been collaborators on a number of college events. One thing that's similar between us.... Both of us are big daydreamers! But hey, what you dream can become your destiny!!

Now let me tell you a secret. Although opposite in working style (which actually complements in business), we do gel a lot. Both of us wanted to have something of our own, each of us having already tried to start something new on different levels. Then in Jan 2011, we met at a friend's marriage and discussed plans about life. .I feel this phase comes in everyone's life when u sit down with your friends, discussing bout their whereabouts and share some of your business plans over a cup of coffee. Remember the movie 'Band Baja Baarat'?  Well, that was when we got inspired and thought of starting an Event Management company.... A bit cliche I know. But financial constraints and other things happened and we had to shelve that idea for a while (just for a li'l while)!

As usual, my head was already brimming with other ideas (even now, any good business idea will keep me running) and one of them was Handicrafts. But my friend was looking to enter the Laundry business. I must confess at this stage that I wasn't entirely convinced at first, but then as we started our research and studied 'bout the future of laundry and drycleaning in India and laundries functionality in other developed countries, we were somehow convinced that this is a vastly untouched field in India, with lots of potential (thanks to Google). To add icing on the cake, it is a service industry where challenges to change people mindset, to meet people's expectations and interaction with various kind of people was enticing enough to compel us to start up a laundry.

In a country like India, at a time like this where I believe we as a nation are evolving to the next stage, this is the most exciting thing you can do..... to try out new ventures, take the less trodden path, explore new possibilities and leave a mark on others!

The challenge? To change the concept of "Dhobi" in a new, evolving India.

And you can bet your whatever, we are gonna be the new face of Laundry Service in India.....Very very soon!!   So, now you know how we came to the Laundry business!

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