Process followed in DhobiLite

Process Followed in DhobiLite

Laundry & Dry Cleaning process followed in DhobiLite:

1) We receive a request for Laundry & Drycleaning via App, Website or Call Center.

2) At the customers requested time a Runner reaches the customer doorstep for pickup.

3) While doing Pickup runner segregates cloths depending upon the service required (Dry cleaning, Premium Laundry, Laundry etc). The runner then counts the cloths and enters all the details in the Runner app. Once the details are entered an eChallan is generated and the customer gets an acknowledgment via SMS about the pickup of cloths.

4) At the DhobiLite processing center on the basis of the cloth details entered by the runner an invoice is generated and customer again get SMS/Email with detailed charges depending on the service requested by the customer.

5) Once the clothes are received at the processing center the clothes are Tagged and scanned for any existing defects. In case of any defect, the customer is notified via SMS about the problem in the garment.

6) Garments are ready for processing but before washing/ dry cleaning the clothes, all the clothes are segregated depending on their color, fabric etc.

7) Garments which having stubborn stains undergo pre-wash treatment before further processing.

8) The garments are then dry cleaned (using solvent) or washed (using water) with soaps or detergents.

9) After cleaning garments are then transferred to Extractors or Tumblers for drying.

10) Garments are inspected again for any stains which may have missed during washing/ dry-cleaning phase, any such garments undergo “Spotting”.

11) Garments are the ironed using Industrial grade iron while delicate garments are hand pressed.

12) Cloths are then packed after a quality check and the customer is sent a notification via SMS informing of order ready for Delivery.

13) The customer can choose a particular Slot for Delivery via App or by requesting the same using Call center.

14) At the requested time runner delivers the cloths at the customers doorstep.

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