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At DhobiLite, we provide end-to-end consulting and planning services for new laundry business planning or on-premise laundry setup planning or expansion or renovation of the existing laundromat. Our laundromat consultant services cover all aspects, including analysis, facility planning, process management, process improvement. So, whether you are looking to set up a laundry on-premises of your hotel or any other establishment or interested in setting up a commercial laundry business, our team of experienced laundry consultants leverages their expertise and in-depth knowledge to provide you with market-oriented solutions for setting up and streamlining the operations.

Consulting Services for Commercial Laundry and Dry-cleaning

At DhobiLite, we are helping aspiring businessmen to help set up successful laundry and drycleaning businesses in India. Therefore, we provide them with consultancy services on all aspects such as location, layout and design, utility requirements, and revenue potential.

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Location Analysis

The location of a laundromat / factory / collection point is of utmost importance. Factors such as neighbourhood demographics, traffic, competition, availability of adequate space and parking, business trade area, etc., have a significant impact on the success of a laundry and drycleaning business. As the best laundry consultants in India, we leverage our experience to guide and advise you on selecting the right location for your business after an in-depth analysis of the area.

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Design and Layout

Optimum utilisation of space is dependent on the design and layout of the laundromat. For designing a perfect setup, many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as functional area, the number of machines to be installed, expected customer flow, services that will be offered, and much more. Therefore, as a leading laundry consultant, we provide you with the best layout and design to ensure you get the best results.

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Utility Requirements

The majority part of any working laundry is the utility. Lack of the right equipment may result in an increase in costs on water, sewer, electricity, electrical services, and gas. As a leading laundry consultant, we advise you on the right equipment to ensure minimum costs and maximum profits.

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Revenue Potential

The sole purpose of running any business is to earn profits, and laundromats are no exception. We at DhobiLite provide you with consulting services on cash flow, debt-service, revenue maximisation, higher return on investment. In addition, we offer you guidance on making your business more profitable.

Laundry Consultant Services for On-Premise Laundry Set Up

Whether you are a hotel, a hospital, or any other business interested in setting up a laundromat on-premise, we can help you with our on-premise laundry consultancy services. We provide you with consultancy on the following factors:


The first thing to consider when setting up an on-premise laundry is the type of fabrics that will be processed in-house. We take into consideration factors such as textile composition, linen par, soiled linen sorting, budgeted shifts, labour hours, availability of labour, and clean linen distribution. As a leading laundry consultant in India, we consider each unique factor and provide you with a detailed report on the production assessment to enable you to make informed decisions.

Design and

While designing an in-house laundromat, the foremost priority for any business is to adhere to local and municipal construction laws and still ensure a perfect layout to increase workflow efficiency, energy management, and utility optimisation. As the best laundry and dry cleaning consultant, we provide you with the fastest way to start an on-premise laundry yet ensure your laundry is entirely compliant.


Labour costs form a significant part of a laundry's operating costs. As a trusted laundry and dry cleaning consultant, we suggest ways to minimise labour costs and maximise labour productivity and efficiency and help you in automating various processes.

Estimation of
Production Cost

Through in-depth research and analysis, we help you determine whether doing laundry in-house will be a cost-efficient option for you or not and how it will affect your bottom line.

Scope of Our Consultancy Services

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Consultancy Service for Analysis, Review, and Evaluation of Your Laundry

As a trusted laundry consultant, we review your current laundry operations in-depth and provide you with detailed reports and recommendations on reducing operational costs, maximizing operational efficiency, increasing volume, and increasing profitability. We provide you with an accurate facility evaluation also. Our services include:

  • Production operations review
  • Design and layout review
  • Production facility and equipment evaluation
  • Facility and equipment appraisal
  • Efficient time study
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Consultancy Services for Laundry Layout and Design

We provide comprehensive consultancy services, from concept to design to laundry management, to enable you to design an efficient laundromat. We assist you with:

  • Site selection
  • Space planning
  • Facility and equipment layout
  • Equipment specification
  • Workflow analysis and designing
  • Facility scale drawings
  • Preparation of budgets
  • Production monitoring systems
  • Tracking systems
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Consultancy Services on Laundry and Dry-cleaning Operations

We provide you detailed consultancy service in the following areas of laundry and drycleaning operation:

  • Management Systems
  • Productivity
  • Washing and Drying Process
  • Dry-cleaning Process
  • Garment Receipt and Cleaning
  • Flat Linen Finishing
  • Garment Finishing
  • Quality Maintenance
  • Quality Inspections
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Textile Asset Management
  • Safety and Working Environment
  • Maintenance
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Consultancy Services for Utility Infrastructure

We provide you with detailed information on the utility infrastructure needed for the laundry and dry-cleaning business. Our consultancy services include:

  • Base Line Costs
  • Washing
  • Dry cleaning
  • Chemical Selections
  • Services
  • Drycleaners
  • Dryers
  • Ironers
  • Tunnel Finishings
  • Management
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Consultancy Services on Economic and Financial Statements

Financials are of utmost importance for any business. So, we provide an in-depth report on economic statements and financials in setting up a laundry and drycleaning business in India. It covers the following areas:

  • Wages
  • Energy Rebates and Tax Incentives
  • Cost and ROI Analysis
  • Inventory Control
  • Utilities
  • Processing Consumables
  • Processing Chemicals
  • Transport
  • Claims
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Document Preparation
  • Management Systems Capacity
  • Linen Depreciation
  • Energy Conservation Studies
  • Market and Technical Feasibility Analysis
  • Capital Investments in setup
  • Financial Statements
  • Revenue Potential

What Are You Looking For?

We make it easy for people to enter the laundry and drycleaning industry by providing them with world-class consultancy services. So, if you are planning to set up or expand your business, we can provide you with planning and consultancy services. Our team of experienced laundry consultants would be happy to resolve all your queries and offer you customised consultancy solutions as per your specific needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, DhobiLite offers comprehensive consultancy services, from concept to design to laundry management, to help you plan an efficient laundromat.

Our laundromat consultant services cover all aspects, including analysis, facility planning, process management, process improvement, and revenue potential.

We provide you with a customised proposal that details how you can modernise your facility, gain economies of scale, make it more sustainable and eco-friendlier.

It is quintessential for any business to earn profits and have a strong financial base to ensure its survival. So, we provide an in-depth report on economic statements, non-financial and financial statements in setting up a laundry and drycleaning business in India, and the revenue potential of setting up a laundromat in a specific area.

Yes, we weigh all financial and non-financial pros and cons and provide you with a detailed report on aspects including production assessment, design and layout, workforce requirements, and production costs so that you can make informed decisions.