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Jackets Cleaning and repairing Service Near Me

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We know how to handle Leather Jackets.

Leather jackets put a shot of cool in your wardrobe. They're expensive, though, and they can be expensive to clean since you can't throw them in the washing machine with your jeans. Hand it over to DhobiLite and we will take utmost care while cleaning.
DhobiLite specialises in the treatment of leather jackets. We begin the dry-cleaning process of leather jackets by carefully reading the care instructions on your leather jackets. The method adopted by DhobiLite for cleaning leather jackets is entirely safe and does not cause fading, permanent discolouration, chemical stains or oil losses. We use the best tools and products to remove stains, restore and protect your leather jackets without damaging them. DhobiLite has skilled and experienced staff who can work with various types of leather and can safely clean your jackets. We also take care that your jackets remain lustrous and moisturised.

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A Short Guide on Leather Jacket Cleaning

Leather jackets are classy and stylish. They never go out of fashion, allowing you to continue using them for years to come. However, maintaining leather can be a bit daunting, but if done carefully, they look as good as new every time you wear them.

Know Your Leather

It is significant that you understand the type of leather used to fashion your jacket. Leather is usually divided into five grades of leather:

  • Full-grain leather
  • Top-grain leather
  • Split-grain leather
  • Genuine leather
  • Bonded leather

The leather then has different finishing, including embossed, Nappa, nubuck, suede, die-cut, embroidered, patent, printed, split, aniline, brush-coloured, degrained, metallic, pigmented, waxy, semi-aniline, etc.
The characteristics and quality of the material differ based on where the finishing of the hide is done. Other factors that may influence the quality of leather include the breed of animal, the food they have been fed, the climate they were raised in, the exercise they underwent, etc. Hides are natural, and the life of the animals is what impacts their quality.
Always remember to check the labels to determine the type of leather and the material of the lining from which it is made. Leather jackets are not meant to be washed using a washing machine or immersed in water. However, to prevent the build-up of grease or dirt, wiping it with a damp cloth and conditioning it helps in the build-up of mould. The jacket should be dried; naturally, it shouldn't stay damp for long. Jackets with cotton or polyester lining can be maintained using the same method but if the lining is rayon or silk, then avoid doing anything at home. The job is meant for a specialist!

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Know the Leather of Your Jacket

The tag of the jacket always carries the details of the material from which it is made along with the care instructions. If at all you are trying to clean the jacket at home, then don't deviate from the instructions; else, the jacket will be spoiled.

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Protect it from the Elements

Use a moisture protectant if you are going to wear the jacket out in snow or rain. You must spray it from seam to seam, so every part is protected. You must re-apply it as mentioned in the instructions.

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Know the Basics

If at all you spill something on your jacket, then you should refrain from rubbing it anxiously. Use a clean piece of cloth to dab and absorb it, and then allow it to dry naturally. You must never put it in a dryer.
Hang It.
Leather jackets should never be folded; instead, you must hang them using a sturdy hanger. Always take off the plastic when it comes back from the dry cleaners; else, it may dry it out and give a flaky look to your leather jacket. Remember to empty the pockets when not using the jacket to prevent the leather from stretching.

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Use the Services of Trusted Dry Cleaners to Clean Leather Jackets

The best way to maintain your leather jacket is to get it dry-cleaned from professional dry cleaners. Selecting experienced, established and reliable dry-cleaners like DhobiLite ensures that your leather jacket stays new as always.
Leather jackets normally undergo a lot of treatment to achieve the required colour and feel of the leather jacket that you own. We use premium-quality cleaning agents combined with advanced machinery to clean your leather jacket. The leather jackets are processed in a way that they retain their actual colour, finish and feel. Our technology cleans and restores your precious leather jacket.

Jacket Cleaning Rate

Jacket Cleaning FAQ

DhobiLite's experts use specialized techniques tailored for delicate fabrics. Jackets are treated gently, ensuring thorough cleaning without compromising the material's integrity.

DhobiLite stands out as the best jacket cleaning service nearby, offering meticulous cleaning, stain removal, and expert care for various jacket materials. With us, your jackets are in safe hands.

The frequency depends on usage. For regular jackets, professional cleaning every season is ideal. For delicate or special jackets, consult DhobiLite experts for personalized recommendations.

Yes, DhobiLite's experts are trained to clean suede and fur jackets safely. Our specialized methods preserve the texture and softness, ensuring your jackets remain luxurious.

Scheduling a pickup is easy. Visit our website or app, provide your details, choose your preferred time, and DhobiLite will handle the rest, ensuring convenient and timely service.

Certainly, DhobiLite specializes in vintage jacket cleaning. Our experts understand the delicate nature of vintage materials, preserving their uniqueness while ensuring cleanliness.

Yes, there is a difference in cleaning methods for winter jackets. DhobiLite uses specialized techniques for winter wear, considering heavy fabrics and insulation. Our experts ensure thorough cleaning while preserving the insulation's effectiveness, so your winter jackets are both clean and warm during colder months.

Certainly. DhobiLite provides stain protection treatments for jackets. Our advanced solutions create a protective barrier, preventing future stains and spills. This ensures your jackets stay clean and spotless for longer, even during daily wear.

DhobiLite prioritizes efficiency. Generally, jackets are cleaned and returned within 5 to 7 days. We understand the importance of quick service, ensuring you receive your freshly cleaned jackets promptly.

Absolutely. DhobiLite values its regular customers and offers a dedicated loyalty program. With DhobiLite's app, you enjoy exclusive benefits, including discounts, and special offers, making your experience with us even more rewarding.