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Address: Old Bonjour Cafe, Near Vidya Bharti Mahavidhyalay, C. K. Naidu Road, Camp, Amravati, Maharashtra, 444603

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online Laundry


We use state-of-the-art front loading washing machines and premium detergents for wash fold and laundry services to give your clothes that special care it needs.

Daily Steam Press

Steam Press

We use top quality press to give you wrinkle free ironing to give a finish to your valued garment that cannot be achieved at home

Dry cleaning services at its best

Dry Cleaning

We use various best available technology and machines to increase the longevity of your favourite garments

Deep car cleaning

Car Cleaning

We provide from basic wash to detailing services for all type of vehicles and that too on your door step.

Shoe Dry cleaning

Shoe Cleaning

Shoe speaks louder than words, we can revive their look and enhance their life.

Purse jacket drycleaning


Cleaning a handbag or any other accessories, such as purses or jackets. We use safe cleaning agents to ensure that your valuable possession is not harmed in any way.

Taking care of clothes is never easy. Daily or weekly laundry is something that almost everyone hates doing. We all want to wear clean and neatly ironed clothes but are unwilling to give the effort needed to do so. Demanding and busy urban life is one of the main reasons. This has led to the creation of various agencies offering good laundry as well as dry cleaning services. In cities like Amravati, the laundry business has become a principal occupation of many. DhobiLite is one of the best providers committed to offering efficient, high-quality, and affordable laundry service in Amravati. Your clothes are first picked up, then processed, and finally delivered at the personalized time you choose.

No manual process. No dhobi ghat. Hi-tech machines clean your clothes with expertise and delicacy.

Your One-Stop Service Provider for All Your Garment Requirements

DhobiLite brings to you the best tech-driven dry cleaning and laundry setup catering to our clients the best they desire. Since 2011, DhobiLite has emerged as a versatile provider of laundry and dry cleaning services with a solid consumer reach and a performance-driven approach. Thanks to our capability of maintaining unique products and dynamic processes to cater to the ever-changing demands of our distinguished customers as the primary focus of the company.

By providing superior services at low rates, we bring in effective savings on your daily laundry expenses. With DhobiLite, you no longer have to google 'professional laundry service near me' as we assure you that your clothes will be handled by our trained experts. We care about your along with your clothes health. We understand the value of time, so we offer free pickup and drop-facilities as well.

Our range of laundry and drycleaning services

  • Steam Ironing
  • Carpet, sofa, pillows Cleaning
  • Toy cleaning
  • Shoe Cleaning
  • Curtain, door mats, chairs cleaning
  • Bag cleaning

Why DhobiLite?

Professionally trained experts in Garments Care

All experts at DhobiLite practice professional world-class processes for taking care of your garments. We work with expert cleaning partners having decades of experience to ensure that your garments receive care of the highest quality.

Free and Convenient Pickup and drop

Conveniently schedule and manage your pick up and drop on the DhobiLite App, available both for Android and iPhone. On your scheduled delivery day, we will text to remind you and you can also check the status of your rider in real-time via the DhobiLite app.

Save time with DhobiLite

All your laundry and dry cleaning in Amravati are cleaned and delivered professionally to your door. Leave your clothes to the ones who know the best. You will get the clothes drycleaned, neatly folded, or pressed on hangers depending on the service.

Convenient Payment Options

You can pay as you prefer via cash, e-wallets, net banking, card, and more. We accept every mode of payment.

No more garment loss

Right from intake, all garments are tagged with their respective codes and processed accordingly until they are delivered. Under DhobiLite approved process, you will not face problems like tears or any other damage, color fading, or color bleeding.

Looking for laundry service near me? With our new app, upgrade your laundry experience now. Get the convenience of free pickup and drop-off at your doorstep, real-time updates, and easy scheduling. You don't have to bear the hassle of traditional laundry services. You can have your clothes cleaned with just a few taps. Download now to enjoy a stress-free laundry routine. Whether you have an Android or iPhone, the DhobiLite app is available on both. You can also give us a call at +91 880 041 4848.


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