Franchise for Laundry and Dry Cleaning Service

Why choose DhobiLite as Franchise partner

Why is the laundry franchise a great opportunity for entrepreneurs?

Excellent returns on investment

With experience, we can tell you that a laundry franchise runs into profits quickly. This is mostly because the overall investment in equipment and products is relatively low. We keep our prices competitive to ensure market supremacy. This helps in attracting more customers and making sure that all our outlets are able to enjoy a stable and profitable income.

People Will Always Need Laundry Service

Even in times of uncertainties, laundry remains an important service. This is one of the few sectors that did not suffer heavily during the lockdown. Even though we were not regarded as an essential service, our customers were in need of our service. Returning to profitability after the lockdown took very less time because our customers were waiting for us to resume operations.

Benefit from the brand presence to enjoy higher sales

It takes time for a new store to be recognized in the market, especially when it is not operating under a brand name. By investing in a laundry franchise, you skip the first few steps of starting a business where you have to spend a lot of time and effort in establishing a brand presence. A franchise helps you launch your entrepreneurial journey with higher successfulness.

Stable income flow and no credit system

DhobiLite has a straightforward system of order and payments. Any customer who uses our services either uses a prepaid system or pays for the service on handover of the laundered clothes. This way, the cash flow in your business remains steady, and you do not have to worry about collections at a later stage.

Access to best-in-class technologies

As a franchise outlet, you will benefit from using the latest technologies and equipment that the rest of the chain utilizes. This way, you will be able to offer an improved consumer experience. Most of the unorganized laundry sector does not offer these benefits to their customers.

Branding at Dryclean store

DhobiLite Store branding

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