Heat and Laundry Business, A Bitter-Sweet Bond!!!

Before purchasing a product or a service, a mindful consumer will always analyze the reasonability and logic behind the cost charged. And when it comes to laundry services, we understand why some consumers may raise a frown when they look at the standard market cost. On the other hand, a person aspiring to start a laundry business assumes that it's only about cleaning clothes and thus an easy process with low expense.

But before making any judgment in these two scenarios, I would like you to consider the intricacies behind the cost. Laundry is not only about washing clothes. It is a far longer process; it takes a few essential steps to complete the entire job.

- Step 1: Picking Up Clothes & Tagging

- Step 2: Spotting

- Step 3: Washing

- Step 4: Drying & Pressing

- Step 5: Packaging & Delivery

The whole process needs professional expertise and coordination to offer the consumers a perfect service.

While entering the Laundry business, a new business person should be aware of the cost magnet called HEAT, a crucial aspect of laundry services apart from the costs of washing machines, dryers, dry cleaning machines, soluble, detergent.

Why is HEAT so important? Well, Heat is absolutely integral to the whole process. It is needed for:

- Steaming the clothes for the spotting process.

- Warming up the water depending on the soluble that is used for cleaning.

- Drying up the moisture from the clothes.

- Pressing to smoothen up the clothing items.

That's why the use of Heat builds up a lion-share of the total energy cost behind a single laundry service. According to the statistics, heat takes up around 60% of the energy cost, and it can vary between 50% to 70% depending on the business model, machines, chemicals, and clothing type.

Although it would be wrong to say that Heat is the only criterion to comprehend and evaluate the service cost, but it is a crucial factor that one needs to keep in mind before creating the structure of a laundry business. As the title suggests, Heat and Laundry Business share a strong bitter-sweet bond. And it is a cost that a laundry service provider cannot exclude.

We cannot eliminate the use of heat from the laundry business, but we can control it. It is possible through the use of cost-effective generation of Heat and solubles that could function in low temperatures. One has to do a proper study of how to use these substitutes to control the service cost. We have taken expert help and implemented both ways to lessen the service charges. DhobiLite is working continuously to help our customers get the best services at the lowest cost possible. In the near future, we are also planning to use solar energy to control the cost further and become more eco-friendly.

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