DhobiLite Services for Bags

DhobiLite™ offers cleaning and repairing services for your hand bags.

Hand Bags are expensive items, increase their life... send it to us. We will revive them for you.

Pamper your bags.


The process of cleaning a handbag or any other accessories, such as purses, handbags, depends largely on the material it is made off


We use high quality stitching equipment and techniques to ensure that your handbags and accessories stay intact and look better.

Zip replacement

We provide premium quality zips for all kinds of handbags, purses, jackets and other accessories.

Strap replacement

We try to replace the straps of handbags and purses with similar material, if not the same.

Handbags Cleaning & Repairing

Service Time 7 to 15 days

Polishing ₹ 679

Conditioning ₹ 329

Recoloring ₹ 559

Stiching ₹ 429

Strap Replacement ₹ 519

Zip Replacement ₹ 299

Patchwork ₹ 359

Patchwork (Designer) ₹ 999

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Polishing ₹ 579

Conditioning ₹ 229

Recoloring ₹ --

Stiching ₹ 429

Strap Replacement ₹ 429

Zip Replacement ₹ 299

Patchwork ₹ 299

Patchwork (Designer) ₹ 679

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