DhobiLite™ DryClean & Laundry Services - Faridabad.

Located close to the capital of India, Faridabad has enjoyed considerable infrastructural development in recent years, making it a prime place for many organizations and business professionals. With a fast-paced life, maintaining work-life balance depends on the amount of quality time you are able to spend with your families, friends, and loved ones.

With DhobiLite handling your laundry, dry-cleaning, and certain deep cleaning requirements like carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning, you have the opportunity to reduce the time and effort spent on washing and cleaning. This gives you the opportunity to plan your day out with the family or enjoy a relaxed weekend with friends instead of having to worry about overflowing laundry baskets.

In addition to the benefit of enjoying more time with your friends and family, there are advantages of retaining your fabric quality, and even contributing towards a better environment when you choose our organic laundry option.

As professional launderers, we are always researching about technologies and laundry techniques that can provide our customers with the best result for washing, dry-cleaning, and ironing a wide range of clothes, linen, furnishings, and even shoes.

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