DhobiLite™ DryClean & Laundry Services - Moradabad.

Located in Uttar Pradesh, Moradabad is a happening city of art and culture, which has acquired international fame for its brass work and other handicrafts. This is the second most populated city of Uttar Pradesh, home to millions.

We started our venture in the beautiful Peetal Nagri or the Brass-City in the year 2021. We came here to provide quality laundry services and received quite a great response from the residents of the city. In the fast-paced city-life, many of us find it difficult to complete our household works, among which doing laundry is the most time-absorbing task. But you can choose to leave that job to our professionals at DhobiLite, which saves your time and energy, enabling you to relax in your quality spare-time.

We provide pick-up and delivery facilities to make the task more easy and effortless. You can also opt for our special deep cleaning services for your sofa, curtain, carpet, and other home furnishings at your own place.

Download the DhobiLite app from Playstore or AppStore call at +91 880-041-4848.

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