DhobiLite Introduction

Drycleaning at its best

Doing laundry can consume a lot of your time. It's often hard for us to manage this essential chore with our heavy work-life and tight schedule. To save you from this trouble, DhobiLite brings to your doorstep every type of laundry and cleaning service you can think of.

Along with laundry, DhobiLite's dry-cleaning service can save your time and trouble as it offers quality dry wash and classy ironing that makes your clothes look "like-new".

Going through the laundry at home means a long process - washing, drying, ironing, and folding. Dry-cleaning makes it super-easy while restoring the texture, preventing shrink or damage, and reviving the brightness and life of your garments. There's no better way you can remove the stain and the odor from your clothes.

At DhobiLite, we use various effective technologies and machines to dry-clean your garments. Trust us with the task, and you won't be disappointed.

Ornamental Dress Dry-Clean

Ornamental and ethnic dresses look gorgeous, but with the delicate intricacies of design on the fabric, these beautiful garments are not suitable for hand or machine wash; only Dry-cleaning can be a safe option to go with for these expensive clothes.

Saree Dry-Clean

Indian women have a special love for their sarees, but cleaning this extended piece of elegant cloth might not be that easy. To maintain the quality and color of your lovely sarees, what better option can be there than Dry-Cleaning!

Suit Dry-Clean

Suit is a formal dress that adds style and class to your personality, and indeed these costly items deserve the quality care of Dry-Cleaning.

Blanket and Bedding Dry-Clean

Bedding items get frequently stained and scruffy; cleaning the large pieces of bedding clothes and the heavy blankets can take a toll on you. Leave us with the task, and we assure you to make your beddings look fresh and spotless.

Dryclean FAQ

Are the chemical solvents used in dry clean process environment friendly?

The dry clean process does not use water to clean your clothes. This means instead of immersing your clothes in water, we immerse them in cleaning agents. Earlier, the most commonly used cleaning agents were different types of chemical solvents. But as awareness about the environment and toxins increases, we now have organic solvents that can be equally effective in removing tough stains and dry cleaning your clothes.

At DhobiLite, when you choose our organic dry-cleaning services, the dry clean process uses organic solvents that are safe for your clothes and for the environment. You can make the choice of picking the dry clean process for your clothes.

Can you remove tough stains like Holi color from my clothes during the dry clean process?

Yes, we can remove tough stains from clothes, including stains of holi color, wine, turmeric, chocolate, and ink. A lot of our clients need these tough stains to be removed from the clothes they want to dry clean. Our professionals analyze the stains carefully and use the right cleaning agents, keeping the fabric and the type of stain in mind. Our dry clean process is gentle on your clothes to make sure that your clothes look as good as new when you get them back.