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DhobiLite Premium Washing Services

Get Premium Laundry Services delivered on time to your doorstep

Looking for professional premium laundry services that can take special care of your clothes while you're busy? It's a busy world out there, and laundry often doesn't make the list of our finished jobs. Have you been looking for premium laundry solutions that are convenient and accessible amidst your busy schedule? DhobiLite is here to lessen your burden with premium laundry solutions.

DhobiLite is a new-age laundry solutions provider that combines ease and convenience seamlessly. Pick the perfect laundry service for tour clothes or fabrics, choose a suitable package, and schedule a convenient time for pick up and drop off. Track your order and experience hassle-free premium laundry services through the DhobiLite mobile app.

Laundry is a tiring and time-consuming process if you decide to do it on your own. Steam Ironing and folding are rather difficult tasks. So why take the burden when you can have a professional do it for you?

For premium laundry services and solutions, premium washing and stain removal techniques, and much more, choose professional laundry services provided by DhobiLite. DhobiLite utilises the best-in-class technology and machinery to provide the perfect laundry solutions across several locations in India. Hence, if you are looking for the perfect laundry partner for premium solutions, then DhobiLite it is!

How it Works!!

Select the most suitable premium laundry package as per your preference.

Choose from our wide range of prices and packages that are Pocket Friendly as well as Premium.

Whether you have a laundry basket full of casuals and daily wear clothes or just a special piece of clothing that's meant for special occasions- we'll have it laundered for you.

Schedule a convenient Pick-Up and Drop. You don't have to keep following up, making calls, or taking time off your busy schedule to pick up the laundry. Schedule a pick-up and drop-off with us. While we take care of your clothes and fabrics, you can sit back and relax.

Avail of our Tracking and Support services via the DhobiLite app. Enjoy seamless tracking on our mobile application and be in control at all times. We are just a call and a click away from answering your concerns.

An Exclusive Range of Washing Services to Choose From

Premium Laundry

All your premium wear clothes and other fabrics will be washed by utilizing premium fabric-specific detergents. Advanced stain-removing techniques will be used for stain spotting before washing and steam ironing. We will use only the best products and techniques for the best clothes and fabrics.

Organic Laundry

Our organic laundry service ensures quality washing by using organic solvents and detergents for your sensitive and precious clothing items. Organic laundry services may include folding and ironing if requested.

Wash and Iron

Want your special dresses and premium garments to be washed carefully and ironed? DhobiLite uses the best and most sophisticated technology to wash, steam iron, fold, and neatly pack your clothes for delivery. All processes will be carefully handled by expert professionals.

Organic Wash

Organic wash follows a carefully prepared, eco-friendly process of de-spotting and cleaning your garments. The organic soaps and detergents used by us are mostly chemical-free, which rejuvenates the shine of your clothes and ensures a spotless, fresh outcome.

Wash & Fold

If all you need is our wash and fold services, we'll be happy to do it for you! With premium detergents and state-of-the-art machinery, DhobiLite provides excellent wash and fold services.

Curtain Wash

At DhobiLite, we carefully de-spot and wash every type of curtain by following tailor-made processes based on the fabric and type. Our special techniques for cleaning them help to retain the actual color and essence of the fabric and rejuvenates the life of the curtains.

Woolen Wash

At DhobiLite outlets, we have exclusively featured washing machines with specific settings for a woolen wash. We use mild detergent and softener to avoid shrinking and damage to the sensitive fabrics of your woolen garments. As a result, you get a fresh, clean, and soft outlook on your woolen clothes.

Choose Laundry service as per your requirement

Laundry with DhobiLite vs. Laundry at Home

What makes DhobiLite unique? We use the best-in-class machinery and sophisticated equipment to stream press your clothes and fabrics. While ironing your clothes at home doesn't guarantee you wrinkle-free and crease-free clothes, DhobiLite guarantees perfect laundry, steam press, and folding services. We ensure that only skin-friendly and fabric-friendly detergents are used and that the original and smooth texture of your clothes is retained. Additionally, we take care of the brightness and crispness of your fabrics.

Hence, choose what's best for your clothes. Be it regular casuals, formals, or special occasion dresses, let us do the laundry on your behalf. DhobiLite is the best solution for perfect, professional, and convenient laundry services.

Why choose DhobiLite for Premium Laundry Services?

What makes DhobiLite the ideal choice for premium laundry services? DhobiLite uses world-class and superior detergents, equipment, and processes for laundry solutions. Be it steam-pressing, washing, ironing, or dry cleaning- we will ensure that you are delivered wrinkle-free and crease-free clothes. DhobiLite guarantees perfect laundry, steam press, and folding services. We ensure that only premium and high-quality skin-friendly and fabric-friendly detergents are used. We promise that the original and smooth texture of your clothes is retained and your clothes are bright and crisp.

Hence, choose only premium solutions for your premium clothes. Be it special occasion dresses, expensive formals, or customized garments- let us do the laundry on your behalf. DhobiLite is the ideal solution for expert and premium laundry services.

Premium Laundry FAQ

Quality and customer satisfaction are the prime ambitions of DhobiLite. Hence, we use only the best resources available in the laundry industry. Our range of products includes international brands like Amway and Johnson Diversey and other premium brands for laundry. You can be assured that only the best products are being used for your garments.

You can choose our premium laundry services for all delicate garments that require special attention. Additionally, when you schedule a pick-up with us, you can mention in the remarks section that your garment requires special attention. All such garments will be treated and delivered with special care.

Yes. DhobiLite provides pocket-friendly and premium laundry services for all types of fabrics and garments. Be it your regular casual wear clothes, office wear clothes, formals, sportswear, and other special expensive pieces of clothing- DhobiLite provides the perfect laundry solutions to all. So, get in touch with us today!

Worry not! DhobiLite uses superior and top-class equipment and detergents that ensure maximum stain removal. We will utilise the best-suited washing cycle, detergent, and temperature that's apt for the garment when we notice tough stains. We also probed dry cleaning and stain removal services, and you can avail of them as well.