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We use state-of-the-art front loading washing machines and premium detergents for wash fold and laundry services to give your clothes that special care it needs.

Daily Steam Press

Steam Press

We use top quality press to give you wrinkle free ironing to give a finish to your valued garment that cannot be achieved at home

Dry cleaning services at its best

Dry Cleaning

We use various best available technology and machines to increase the longevity of your favourite garments

Deep car cleaning

Car Cleaning

We provide from basic wash to detailing services for all type of vehicles and that too on your door step.

Shoe Dry cleaning

Shoe Cleaning

Shoe speaks louder than words, we can revive their look and enhance their life.

Purse jacket drycleaning


Cleaning a handbag or any other accessories, such as purses or jackets. We use safe cleaning agents to ensure that your valuable possession is not harmed in any way.

Home to spacious and skillfully designed residential colonies, Scheme No 140, located in Indore, is an upbeat urban center that is prospering at a fast pace. Attracting populations from various parts of the state, Scheme No 140 is now the residence of thousands. With schools, hospitals, restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, and Eastern Ring Main Road within the reach of a few kilometers, this locality is worth living at. Life in a fast city means time is tight on hand. Modern lifestyle has its benefits of course, but its biggest downside is lack of personal time.

While managing a hectic work life, people often find it hard to do their regular chores like laundry and cleaning. That's why one of the leading laundry services in India, DhobiLite is now open in your own locality - Scheme No 140, Indore. At DhobiLite, our extensive range of laundry services make the task of this burdensome daily chore easier for you because we understand that despite being busy, hygiene and cleanliness cannot be compromised. Hence, we have prepared a great range of laundry, dry cleaning, and deep cleaning services that help you lead a better life with reduced stress and workload. As the best online laundry near me, DhobiLite assures quality services at affordable rates.

Laundry and Drycleaning in Scheme No 140, Indore

DhobiLite announces its arrival in your locality and welcomes the residents of Scheme No 140 to visit our store and give us a chance to serve you with excellence and convenience each time. So, now you have got a reliable laundry near me in your own area. Our laundry outlets are well-equipped with top-grade commercial machines and assisted by trained laundry professionals and dedicated delivery executives.

Services Offered by Us

We have carefully prepared our range of services to suit your requirements in the best way possible. Our varied range of services includes several types of general laundry, premium laundry, dry cleaning, deep cleaning of residences, furniture wash, curtain wash, steam press, and such. We can wash almost every type of fabric with care by following special guidelines for materials. Our laundry services cover daily wares, denim, woolens, sweat suits, tracksuits, tops, formals, uniforms, bath linen, bed linen, furniture covers, pillows, shoes, curtains, and such others.

Why Choose Us?

Our services are meant to take care of all your laundry, dry cleaning, and deep cleaning needs. We are here in your own locality to serve you with exclusive and quality laundry services by online/offline booking and service tracking facilities, along with doorstep pick-up and delivery support. Check out the following benefits to understand why we are one of the best laundry services in Scheme No 140, Indore.

Avail Time-Saving Effortless Services

We know that the regular task of doing laundry can get heavy at times, as it requires a lot of time and effort. From cleaning, washing, drying, folding, and ironing, the process doesn't seem to end for you. So, why don't you leave all this work to us and relax? We can do it all for you at affordable prices while serving quality outcomes within the scheduled time.

Superior Technology

Our laundry houses have got modern infrastructure that includes commercial-grade washing machines with exclusive features, top-notch dryers, and quality press items that help our professionals to serve you with fresh, spotless clean clothes and accessories.

Online Booking

Our user-friendly app can be found in google play or the apple store on your Android and iPhone, through which we have made the online booking and tracking services easier than ever.

24/7 Customer Care Service

Our dedicated customer support team will be there for you to solve every query and report any problem you may have experienced. Our support team is helpful and cooperative and is working 24/7 to make your time with us excellent.

So, if all these benefits sound perfect to you, this is your chance to get a professional laundry service near me. Call us now at +91 880 041 4848 to book a service or know more about our store or get in through the DhobiLite app available on the play store and apple store on your Android or iPhone by using the following links:

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