Steam Press Rates

What is a steam press?

Steam press is a modern and convenient method to get wrinkle-free, perfectly ironed clothes. A steam press iron is more advanced than hard press iron. When electrical heat passes through its special coil and the soleplate is heated up, the steam press iron's water tank releases water that drips onto the iron plate and produces steam. This steam is then pushed outwards, softening the cloth fabric and giving off a perfectly neat finish.

  • Crafted with advanced technology, steam iron has dual uses, as its soleplate can offer regular ironing with no water as well as it can also provide a steam press.
  • They come in a variety of ranges, although commercial-grade steam presses used in laundry stores are quality made and more effective.
  • The steam press has got built-in water tank which means you don't have to spray water separately while steam pressing. Rather the steam press process and heated water spray work magically to offer a flawless neat finish.
  • Steam press iron doesn't need a hard surface, and vertical steam press can work on hanging clothes too, which makes steam irons more travel friendly.
  • A steam press works great on cotton, denim, muslin, velvet, linen, and corduroy.
  • With regular maintenance, cleaning, and care, a steam press can work for years.

Steam Press Rate

Why should you choose the steam press service by DhobiLite?

Ironing clothes is one of those tiring tasks that also comes with a risk of damage to your favourite outfits. A careless and unskilled steam press can potentially damage the fabric of your clothes to a great degree which at times is unrecoverable. After all, it is not something that one would like to do in a time of hurry, as it is time-consuming and requires customized settings for different fabrics and types of garments. Especially your office wear clothes, professional outfits, upholstery, furniture covers, and precious special clothes need special care while steam pressing. That's why reaching out to our DhobiLite laundry service outlets in times of need is absolutely a smart choice to make.

We have experienced and trained staff who ensure the best result in the steam press while protecting your clothes' fabric. So, you can be assured that your loved clothes are in safe and reliable hands as we take utmost care while providing the best laundry service you can get. In a crux, when you request a steam press booking with us, you get quality results at the best prices, along with door pick-up and doorstep delivery facilities.

Please go through the detailed chart to get an estimated price for each kind of fabric. The prices depend on the type of clothes and the service chosen, such as regular steam press or hard steam press. Laundry and steam press service prices vary as per the load in kgs and pieces.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, steam press is gentle and suitable for delicate fabrics like silk and satin. DhobiLite's experts apply precise techniques, ensuring these fabrics are perfectly pressed without any damage.

Absolutely. DhobiLite's steam press technology effectively eliminates stubborn wrinkles and creases. Our experts use the right pressure and temperature, leaving your clothes impeccably pressed and polished.

DhobiLite prioritizes efficiency. A typical load of clothes is steam pressed and ready for delivery within 24 to 48 hours, ensuring quick turnaround and prompt service.

Yes, steam press not only removes wrinkles but also eliminates odors and refreshes clothes. DhobiLite's steam press process leaves your garments not only wrinkle-free but also smelling fresh and clean.

For frequently worn formal wear, opting for steam press services every few weeks helps maintain a polished appearance. DhobiLite's services ensure your formal wear always looks crisp and professional.

Yes, steam press is suitable for traditional and ethnic wear. DhobiLite's experts handle delicate embroideries and fabrics, ensuring your traditional attire looks elegant and well-maintained.

Certainly, DhobiLite steam presses delicate accessories like scarves and ties with precision. Our experts apply the right techniques, ensuring these accessories are perfectly pressed without any damage.

Steam press is gentle on fabrics, preserving their texture and colour. By avoiding direct contact with heated surfaces, it prevents fabric damage, significantly contributing to fabric care and longevity.

Absolutely, DhobiLite specializes in steam press services for delicate wedding garments. Our experts handle intricate details and heavy embellishments, ensuring your wedding attire looks flawless and ready for your special day.

DhobiLite, renowned for its quality services, operates conveniently in your area. Visit our website or app, provide your location details, and schedule a service to experience expert steam press right at your doorstep.