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We have good news for the people of Lucknow! DhobiLite has opened its new store in Aliganj, Lucknow. Providing expert and professional laundry solutions across several major locations in the country since 2011, DhobiLite has begun its operations and is now ready to serve the people of Aliganj, Lucknow in a faster and better way.

Not just one of the urban capitals of India, Lucknow is home to several students coming from several different statues to study in the educational institutions hosted here. Also, this place has always been a pun epitome of family culture and tradition. We are proud to say that we are serving a wider domain of Lucknow people by operating in Aliganj.

Are you finding it difficult to maintain your work-life balance? Are you a student and are finding it challenging to do the laundry while also focusing on your studies? Then, don't worry because DhobiLite is here to help you find your balance. We provide professional services for laundry, dry-cleaning, and certain deep cleaning requirements like carpet cleaning and sofa cleaning. Utilize our services and reduce the time you have to spend on washing and cleaning.

Leave all your laundry and cleaning worries to us, and plan a day out or take out some time for yourself. With DhobiLite in town, you will not have to worry about overflowing laundry baskets anymore.

We provide a wide range of laundry and cleaning services. Moreover, we provide state-of-the-art laundry services for all types of clothes, fabrics, beds, and bath linen. You can also give back to the environment by choosing our organic laundry options. All our laundry and cleaning services are handled by professionals, so you will not have to worry about retaining your fabric quality.

As professional launderers, we are committed to providing nothing less than the best to our customers. Hence we are always updated with the latest technologies and laundry techniques that provide the best outcomes for washing, dry-cleaning, and ironing a wide range of fabrics and even shoes!

We are just a click away! Download the official DhobiLite mobile app from Playstore or AppStore, or just give a ring at +91 880-041-4848.

Address: 75, Ravindra Garden, Sector-E, Near Boons Restaurant, Aliganj, Lucknow, 226024

Our Services


We use state-of-the-art front loading washing machines and premium detergents for wash fold and laundry services to give your clothes that special care it needs.

online Laundry


We use top quality press to give you wrinkle free ironing to give a finish to your valued garment that cannot be achieved at home

Drycleaning of cloths


We use various best available technology and machines to increase the longevity of your favourite garments

daily steam press
drycleanin services since 2011
Deep car cleaning


We provide from basic wash to detailing services for all type of vehicles and that too on your door step.

Shoe Dry cleaning


Shoe speaks louder than words, we can revive their look and enhance their life.

Purse jacket drycleaning


Cleaning a handbag or any other accessories, such as purses or jackets. We use safe cleaning agents to ensure that your valuable possession is not harmed in any way.

Laundry & Dryclean Prepaid Plans


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