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We use state-of-the-art front loading washing machines and premium detergents for wash fold and laundry services to give your clothes that special care it needs.

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Steam Press

We use top quality press to give you wrinkle free ironing to give a finish to your valued garment that cannot be achieved at home

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Dry Cleaning

We use various best available technology and machines to increase the longevity of your favourite garments

Deep car cleaning

Car Cleaning

We provide from basic wash to detailing services for all type of vehicles and that too on your door step.

Shoe Dry cleaning

Shoe Cleaning

Shoe speaks louder than words, we can revive their look and enhance their life.

Purse jacket drycleaning


Cleaning a handbag or any other accessories, such as purses or jackets. We use safe cleaning agents to ensure that your valuable possession is not harmed in any way.

Dhobilite, after its successful operation in two locations at Varanasi, now is expanding its services in other locations. Gilat Bazar is now our new place to operate. Gilat Bazar is located in the north of the city Varanasi. This place is one of the most fascinating places in the whole city. The area mainly consists of several stores and malls. The Varanasi-Lucknow road passes through the centre of the area. The place is both residential as well as commercial. With an all-day crowd, this place never feels like a cage.

For people residing here, there are several advantages. In its vicinity, there are schools and colleges. The transportation here is functioning at its best. It connects the area to the rest of the city hassle-free. Basic amenities are accessible here.

Most residents here are of the working class, either self-employed or employers outside. Besides, the area is also a hub of many students from small villages to study in the city. It is not easy for everyone to manage time from their hectic schedule for daily chores. Here is a helper for you, Dhobilite. It is going to be your support system to receive the best laundry services in Gilat Bazar, Varanasi.

Our Services

With the best-in-class technology, we come among the best dry cleaner providers in Gilat Bazar, Varanasi. We provide a wide range of services, from daily laundry to weekly cleanings. We also offer an organic, basic sofa, jacket, bags, and shoe cleaning. So no worries if the dust on your sofa is irritating you or the muddy shoes. For the convenience of our customers, we also provide doorstep pick-up and drop-in services.

Why Choose Us For Laundry And Drycleaning Services

We have been operating in Varanasi for a few years. With our efficiency in doing laundry, Dhobilite is gaining praise. Dhobilite is the best in doing laundry in Gilat Bazar, Varanasi. We believe in not only timely delivery but also utmost mastery. We use the best products and chemicals to do your laundry and cleanings. We take utmost care while doing the necessary laundry. We take care of the material of your lining

Hence, if you have been searching online for affordable and reliable dry cleaners near me for the Gilat Bazar area of Varanasi, Dhobilite is here for you.

Best Customer Experience

We believe in reducing the stress of our customers. We are committed to it. For hassle-free laundry and drycleaning in Gilat Bazar, Varanasi, we provide doorstep services for our customers. Just type laundry near me and explore a wide variety of relevant services. Make the booking in the comfort of your home through smartphones.

Advance Technology

At Dhobilite, we use the best technology for doing laundry. We have the best machines which do their job the best. We use modern technology, so our work is done best and on time.

Best Plans

To avoid the confusion of our customers, we have the best plans. You can choose the most suitable plan for you at affordable rates.

Experience world-class laundry services near me with our online and on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning services. We at DhobiLite have over a decade of experience in laundry and dry-cleaning and offer a premium yet affordable online laundry near me. We provide state-of-the-art laundry services for all kinds of clothes, fabrics, beds, and bath linen. Moreover, if you need organic laundry near me, you can trust us as we provide eco-friendly and organic laundry and dry-cleaning services. So, you can use our services and save your time spent on washing and cleaning. We are committed to providing our customers exceptional laundry and dry-cleaning services. You can use the DhobiLite app, phone, or website to book our services.

With our best services, we are the best laundry service provider and drycleaners in Gilat Bazar, Varanasi. So don't think more, reach us and we are sure you will not be disappointed. Call us on +91 880 041 484 if you have any queries. You can also download our official application and explore it accordingly. Download the DhobiLite app from Playstore or AppStore and start enjoying quality laundry services at affordable rates.


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